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Video art my ass – Venice August 2019
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Every living thing |كل شيءٍ حي

بيروت، ميونيخ وعبير. بلدان، امرأة واحدة. الماء ،الأرض، الهواء والنّار…عبير، هل مازلت على قيد الحياة؟ 

Beirut , Munich and Abir. Two countries, one woman. Water, earth, air and fire…Abir , are you still alive?

A short documentary.
Filmed by Yara Boustany , Abir Kobeissi and Jieun Park
Directed by Jieun Park

Screening Premiere Saturday 20.07.2019
The film is a part of a project called Generation ’19 a screening consisting of 17 Videoportaits created by the students of Jorinde Voigt and Pola Sieverding at the academy of fine arts Munich, Germany.

Generation ’19 will be played every day (looping) from 14:00 till 21:00
from 20.07.2019 till 28.07.2019 in the second floor, room 23, old Building,
Academy of fine arts Munich, Germany.